Life Force Exhibition

Opening Tuesday 24 November when the gallery opens at 10.30am. You're invited to join us at any time during the opening day to preview a wide range of art from talented Northland artists. Come and celebrate the exhibition and Christmas at the Little Black Gallery 4.30pm to 6.00pm - enjoy nibbles and a drink and enter to win a Christmas basket.

The idea to call the exhibition Life Force (which links from Whisperings of the Earth), came from George Bernard Shaw's concept of Life Force. Put simply, his central idea of Life Force is that it experiments in order to create better forms of life - that is life gradually evolves, including in the next.
“You see things; and you say why? But I dream things never were; and I say, ‘why not?’’ George Bernard Shaw

We are delighted to host this exhibition of well known artists including Wendy Galbraith, Lynn Pirrie Smith, Jody Hope Gibbons, Catherine Dunn, Brenda Moir, Judi Soutar, Jasmine Keir, Rachel Miller, Joan Honeyfield and Jan Stevenson.

We also have artwork from Mike Nettmann, Monika Welch, Liz McAuliffe, Helen Jean, Bruce MacGregor, Raewyn King, Justine Hawkesworth, Lindsay Antrobus Evans, Formed Function, Jane Shaw, Greg Barron, Jin Ling, Akke Tiemersma, Matthew Nesbit, Diana Galbraith, Vicky Comrie Moore and Julia Newland and jewellery from Louise Spiers, Stephanie Boyd Dunlop, Louisa Millett, Anna Hamilton, Sean and Selina Rainey, Omni Caeon, Allie Hawkesworth and Raymond Stokes.

The exhibition will run on a rolling basis with new works being contributed by these artists until late January.