Artists, sculptors and designers featured at The Little Black Gallery include:

Greg Barron (ceramics)
Jin Ling (ceramics)
Jonathan Foley (sculpture)
Leigh Munro (sculpture and art)
Lynn Pirrie (art)
Jan Stevenson (art)
Crispin Korschen (block and water colour prints)
Cassandra Gaisford (art)
Anna Hamilton (jewellery and art)
Barbie Stevenson (art)
Raewyn King (art)
Michelle Wright (art)
Susannah Laws (art and design)
Jane Crisp (art prints and cards)
Hugh McKechnie (sculpture)
Bruce MacGregor (sculpture)
Rachel Palmer (wire art sculpture)
Dorthe Kristiensen (jewellery)
Louisa Millett (jewellery)
Stephanie Boyd Dunlop (jewellery)
Louise Spiers (jewellery)
Raymond Stokes (pounamu)
Chris Te Rata (pounamu)
Omni Caeon  (pounamu)
EmmaH (jewellery)
Nick Fient (jewellery)
TK Jewellery  (pounamu)
Jayne Sprott (cards)
Nicky Jolly (ceramics)
Megan Hindmarsh (ceramics)
Jo Luping (ceramics and candle lights)
Annie Hayward (art and prints)
Flox (prints and cards)

Greeting cards anf gifts are also available ranging from antiqued compasses, candlesticks, candles, bowls, childrens toys among other items.

​Our opening hours are shown below.

We are also available by appointment - please call 021 771 299 or 09 212 6160